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15 Lottery Winners Who Wished They Had Never Won

Winning the lottery is a dream shared by many, but sometimes it can bring bad luck, as proved by the following 15 people. Click through to find out what happened to them after they won their fortunes.


1. Jack Whittaker

Jack Whittaker won $315 million in a Powerball jackpot, but some bad things happened after he won. First off, $545K of cash got stolen. Then, both his granddaughter and her boyfriend got murdered, followed by his daughter Ginger, who's death is still mystery. Also, Whittaker was sued for covering his gambling losses of $1.5 million.


2. Barry Shell

Shell won $4 million Canadian in 2009. Unfortunately, Shell was wanted for theft, and his lottery win tipped the police off to his location. He was thus arrested and had to give his winnings to a relative.


3. Billie Bob Harrell, Jr.

Billie won $31 million in 1997, and started generously loaning out money to everyone in need. But no one paid him back and he ended up broke within a year and a half. Then his wife left him, and he committed suicide just 20 months after his giant win.


4. David Lee Edwards

David won $27 million in 2001, and had blown through it all in five years. He kept struggling with drug addiction after the money was gone.


5. Doris Murray

The mother of four won $5 million in 2007. But just a few months later she was found stabbed to death in her own home by her boyfriend who wanted to get his hands on her fortune.


6. Keith Gough

Keith's wife won $14 million in 2005. Then Keith quit his job and began drinking. His wife left him for this. He then met a con man who ripped him off for over $1 million. Gough died in 2010, with $1.3 million still in the bank.


7. Callie Rogers

Callie won $3 million when she was 16 years old, and blew through it all within six years. In the end, she had to take a job as a maid to support her kids.


8. Evelyn Adams

Evelyn won the jackpot twice, with a total of $5.4 million. But she lost it all within a few years due to her gambling addiction. She eventually went broke and lived in a trailer park.


9. Lara and Robert Griffith

Six years after the couple won $1.83 million in the lottery, their relationship was falling apart. Robert drove off in the Porsche they bought together. A fire gutted their house, and their lives were left in ashes.


10. Urooj Khan

Urooj won $1 million in lottery, and the day after the check was mailed, he was found mysteriously dead. The investigation into his death is still ongoing. The lottery money was split between his wife and daughter.


11. Jeffrey Dampier

Dampier won the lottery in 1996 and used part of money to relocate his family near him. Sadly, Dampier's sister-in-law and her boyfriend kidnapped him, and then shot him to death. They were later sentenced to life in prison.


12. William Post

William won $16.2 million in the lottery and went on a crazy spending spree. He eventually filed for bankruptcy after he went to jail for shooting at a bill collector.


13. Janite Lee

This South Korean immigrant won $18 million in 1993 and started doing lots of philanthropic work. Unfortunately, she went bankrupt in 2001, with over $2.5 million in debt.


14. Abraham Shakespeare

The woman in the picture is named Dee Dee Moore, who killed Abraham three years after he won $17 million in the lottery. Shakespeare's body was found under a concrete slab in the backyard of one of Moore's homes.


15. Michael Carroll

Michael won the lottery at the age of 19. He then quit his job and started buying cocaine and gambling away his cash. Eight years later, he had blown through all of it, and took up the job of a garbageman.