9 Places Where You Can Retire for $200K

Choosing where to retire in the US can be very overwhelming, because there are so many great options and factors to consider. To save you the trouble of searching, click through to find out the top 9 places to retire in the US.


1. Northfield, Minnesota

Pros: Low cost of living and continued economic growth; breathtaking landscape; 55 miles away from the Mayo Clinic; college town perks such as continuing classes, theatrical performances and sporting events.

Cons: Long winters


2. Bella Vista, Arkansas

Pros: Cheap homes (median home price: $102,000); low cost of living (cost-of-living index: 95); low crime rate; great weather; scenic environment (streams and hardwood forests); bountiful amenities (golf courses, hiking trails, shooting ranges, tennis courts, etc).
Cons: Not an easy place to go walking.


3. Austin, Texas

Pros: Big city and college town combined (University of Texas); the live music capital of the world; cultural assets (open air markets, art galleries and museums); plus a top city for pets and biking.

Cons: Hot and humid summer and a noisy and fast-paced lifestyle for those seeking peace and quiet.


4. Denver, Colorado

Pros: City in a mountain setting; 20 parks and 28 recreation centers; every type of entertainment option that an active adult could wish for (golf, clubs, museums).

Cons: Above-average cost of living.


5. Venice, Florida

Pros: Low cost of living; less traffic; low crime rate; great beaches; tranquil canals; European Renaissance architecture; abundant amenities (shopping centers, restaurants, parks, golf courses, tennis courts).

Cons: Not an easy place to go walking.


6. Prescott, Arizona

Pros: Booming economy; low housing prices; cost of living 2.1% below the US average; temperate weather; picturesque deserts; over 500 historical buildings.

Cons: Watering restrictions


7. St. Augustine, Florida

Pros: Tourist city; volunteer and part time work opportunities; fantastic weather; world-class golf; Spanish Colonial Revival Style buildings.

Cons: Downtown traffic; hurricane season.


8. Beaufort, South Carolina

Pros: Charming old town; 300 acres designated as a National Historic Landmark; 3 major military installations for solid economic growth; luxurious golf course communities; mild winters

Cons: People looking for urban excitement might find this golf-oriented area boring after a while


9. Bellingham, Washington

Pros: Technological innovation; evergreen forests and Mount Baker ski resort; college town; over 100 miles of shoreline; artsy environments (performing arts, various museums).

Cons: Expensive homes (median home price: $276,000)


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