This $1.7M Motorhome Is A Moving Castle, See Inside

This $1.7M Motorhome Is A Moving Castle, See Inside_1

Traveling in style is one of the perks of being insanely wealthy, and this luxurious motorhome just raises the bar for millionaires everywhere. The $1.7M RV comes with a garage of its own, and it looks like a 5-star hotel inside! Come and take a closer look!

1. An Impressive Garage

This $1.7M Motorhome Is A Moving Castle, See Inside_2

Volkner Mobil launched this grand $1.7M vehicle in 2017. Featuring a spacious hydraulic garage that can fit a supercar, it emerged as a top-shelf motorhome for travelers looking for luxury and comfort on the road. And the interior is far more stunning than you'd expect!

2. The Lounge Area

This $1.7M Motorhome Is A Moving Castle, See Inside_3

The first thing you see when you step into the RV is the lounge area. It boasts a sizable sofa where you and your family can sit down for a lovely chat while enjoying the breathtaking views outside the windows. However, the beauty of the vehicle doesn't end there.

3. The Kitchen

This $1.7M Motorhome Is A Moving Castle, See Inside_4

Next to the lounge area is a minimalist kitchen. It includes a built-in electric stove where you can quickly whip up a meal on the road. Plus, there's also lots of storage room for groceries and utensils.

4. The Front Row

This $1.7M Motorhome Is A Moving Castle, See Inside_5

The front cabin near the kitchen is all about comfort and safety. It provides solid seating to help the driver focus on the road. And speaking of comfort, this lavish motorhome also features an impressive bedroom at the back. Shall we take a closer look?

5. The Bedroom

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With a luxurious bed in the center, the bedroom is a cocoon of softness. Moreover, it will feel extra cozy when the sunlight streams into every corner of the room.

6. The Bathroom

This $1.7M Motorhome Is A Moving Castle, See Inside_7

Walk out of the comfy bedchamber, and you can spot an extravagant bathroom. The vintage counter stands in great contrast to the modern shower, which adds more visual complexity to the room.

7. A Dream Vehicle For All

This $1.7M Motorhome Is A Moving Castle, See Inside_8

Unsurprisingly, the launch of Performance S created a huge buzz online, and many people spoke highly of the vehicle. Manufacturer Gerald Volkner and his wife Stephanie were also confident in their creation. "We like traveling the mobile way. And I think that many customers will switch to this option in the future."

8. Where It All Came From

This $1.7M Motorhome Is A Moving Castle, See Inside_9

"My husband was always thrilled by going on holiday in a mobile home," Stephanie Volkner told International Trade News. "[And] he turned his hobby into a profession."

9. Volkner's Future

This $1.7M Motorhome Is A Moving Castle, See Inside_10

Volkner is planning to launch more motorhome models in the near future. "We have opted against serial production and now offer customized mobile homes that meet the exact specifications of each customer. This is what we're good at, and we want to keep it that way," Stephanie said.

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