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Don't Eat In These 30 Fast Food Restaurants Any More & Here Is Why

Americans don't just want the speed and convenience of the fast food restaurant. They are increasingly demanding the same features associated with more dining options, including the freshness of the food, higher food quality, dining atmosphere and more. The magazine surveyed the fast-food customers and ranked the worst fast food restaurants in American on qualities like dining atmosphere, cleanliness, food quality, reputation, service, and value.


30. Little Caesars

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100
Though advertising the freshness and quality of its ingredients, Little Caesars ranked low due to the mediocre quality and freshness of its dishes.


29. Panda Express

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100
As the only Asian fast food chain on the list, Panda Express offers Chinese cuisine, but the quality and freshness of the food are just so-so. Besides, the dishes are relatively expensive.


28. Taco Bell

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100
As the best known Mexican fast food chain in the United States, Taco Bell received bad grades for its plain food quality and freshness. It recently offered breakfast competing with McDonald's.


27. Pizza Hut

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100
Started by two brothers in 1958, Pizza Hut is one of the most famous pizza chains. Now the company has more than 6,000 restaurants across the country.


26. Domino's

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100
Domino's is another pizza chain. It received a bad grade due to the quality of its dishes, the speed of the service, and the cleanliness of the dining environment.


25. Church's Chicken

Consumer Reports' Grade: 72/100
Church’s Chicken was established in the 1950s, selling fried chicken, biscuits and fries. The chain, known as Texas Chicken outside the US, has more than 1,600 locations worldwide.


24. CiCi's Pizza

Consumer Reports' Grade: 72/100
CiCi's Pizza now has more than 500 restaurants in the United States. Although the chain ranked low due to the quality of the dishes and the cleanliness of the dining area, it did well with the politeness of its waiting stuff and the speed of its service.


23. Burger King

Consumer Reports' Grade: 71/100
As another giant burger chain, Burger King fared poorly due to its plain food quality and bad value of its food. Burger King now has more than 13,000 restaurants all over the world.


22. KFC

Consumer Reports' Grade: 69/100
As one of the most popular fast food chains, KFC received low grades on the food quality, its value and the cleanliness of its dining area.


21. Sbarro

Consumer Reports' Grade: 65/100
Sbarro ranked low on this list because of its poor food quality and food freshness.


20. Taco John's

Only 41% of customers love the Potato Oles enough to keep driving through Taco John's. The others probably discovered that the Six-Pack and a Pound meal won't actually help them chisel a two-pack.

19. Long John Silver's

Long John Silver's has only 41% of loyal customers to dig into fish and chips and hushpuppies. But they mostly stick with the baked seafood and skip the fried platters which won't have them feeling confident about swimsuit season.

18. Hardee's

Only 34% of customers consider themselves Hardee's fans and it's most likely because of the char-broiled sliders, which contain a waistline-friendly 220 calories and 11 grams of muscle-maintaining protein in every single slider.

17. Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's may be "Freaky Fast, Freaky Fresh," but its ingredient quality and service speed only impress 34% of customers. After all, who needs a nearly 1,000-calorie sub delivered at the drop of a hat? Certainly not us.

16. Carl's Jr.

According to the Consumer Picks survey, only 33% of survey respondents seem to crave Carl's Jr.'s fires and some other fast food, because these items have a calorie as high as 920. Guys, you may want to skip the Big Carl with that.

15. Arby's

According to Arby's slogan, they've got "the meats." Arby's has a pretty simple formula that has kept it going for the last few years. The roast-beef-loving fast food joint touts their meats as a big draw for customers. However, there are obviously not as many people who crave roast beef to satisfy their fast food needs as one would think. What's worse, there were rumors about what goes into their roast beef, the fast-food chain has been struggling for a long time.

Don't Eat In These 16 Fast Food Restaurants Any More & Here Is Why_18

14. Bojangles'

Bojangles' claims to specialize in chicken with unique cajun seasoning and buttermilk biscuits. However, it is only because they serve it all day, it doesn't make them experts. And, even though North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis stepped in to defend the home of 'Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits,' Only 43% of Consumer Reports taste testers would come back to Bojangles after trying their food.

Don't Eat In These 16 Fast Food Restaurants Any More & Here Is Why_19

13. Subway

Subway is one of the biggest fast-food chains in the United States. However, many people complain about the freshness of their salads and the quality of their meat. In 2018, Subway closed over 1,000 stores as people are seeking healthier options for their lunches. And only 42% of people said they would return for another meal at Subway.

Don't Eat In These 16 Fast Food Restaurants Any More & Here Is Why_20

12. Krystal

For anyone not familiar with Krystal's food, just think of it as a worse version of White Castle. Krystal is a small fast-food chain with only about 350 stores in the United States. It is known for its small burgers – but sadly, the patty-to-bun ratio of their burgers is way off. The bland patty is complemented with a tiny amount of sauce that is tasteless when you eat it.

Don't Eat In These 16 Fast Food Restaurants Any More & Here Is Why_21

11. Del Taco

The Mexican chain Del Taco is basically a worse version of Taco Bell. Imagine that you've been waiting at a quick fast food stop seemingly forever, and when the food finally comes, it tastes unpleasant and unappealing. That's many customers' experience visiting Del Taco.

Don't Eat In These 16 Fast Food Restaurants Any More & Here Is Why_22

10. White Castle

This fast-food chain might have gained popularity due to its role in the 2004 comedy Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. And its small and square hamburger is the star product. However, the hamburgers aren't as nice as they seem in the film. They're often too small that leaves consumers disappointed every time they order.

Don't Eat In These 16 Fast Food Restaurants Any More & Here Is Why_23

9. Wendy's

Although Wendy's has amassed many followers on social media, that can't save the fast-food chain from the quality of its food. In 2018, a video of Wendy's employee finding a mouse inside a bag of hamburger buns went viral. Of course, we hope it wasn't real. However, the fact is 38% of reviewers said they would come back to Wendy's for another meal.

Don't Eat In These 16 Fast Food Restaurants Any More & Here Is Why_24

8. Checkers

Since 1986, Checkers has sold anything from hotdogs, hamburgers, and milkshakes to people around the country. However, according to the Consumer Reports' survey, long wait times were the top complaint about Checkers. Only 36% of customers said that they would go back to visit Checkers.

Don't Eat In These 16 Fast Food Restaurants Any More & Here Is Why_25

7. Sonic

Sonic can be called a cult classic among fast food lovers because of their parking lot and roadside delivery style. The entire experience that Sonic provides has drawn many visitors. However, once customers try the quirky Sonic's food for the first time, they won't come back.

Don't Eat In These 16 Fast Food Restaurants Any More & Here Is Why_26

6. Einstein Bros. Bagels

People headed to Einstein Bros. Bagels for some pretty good bagels, but the bagels served up at the chain were bland. This is the main complaint. What came inside the bagel was not much better. For example, the vegetables lacked freshness. Only 40% of the customers said they would return.

Don't Eat In These 16 Fast Food Restaurants Any More & Here Is Why_27

5. Quiznos

Quiznos has been toasting the submarine sandwiches since 1981, but there was a drop in store branches from 5,000 locations in 2007 to around 800 today. Truthfully, the quality of the food is fine, but most of the customers complained about the price of the sandwiches.

Don't Eat In These 16 Fast Food Restaurants Any More & Here Is Why_28

4. Jack In The Box

Jack in the Box is famous for its funny round-headed mascot. It started the business as a burger joint, and now it has expanded into fajitas, tacos, and all-day breakfast. However, the main complaint is the quality of the food as well as their bad service.

Don't Eat In These 16 Fast Food Restaurants Any More & Here Is Why_29

3. A&W

A&W is famous for its burgers, root beer, and 'beer floats' - merging the drink with a large scoop of ice cream. However, lots of customers have called their fries soggy and greasy, and some even comparing it to eating oil.

Don't Eat In These 16 Fast Food Restaurants Any More & Here Is Why_30

2. Auntie Anne's

Auntie Anne's started its business as a small pretzel shop in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Now, it has become one of the most famous fast-food chains in the country. Though Auntie Anne's has expanded its menu beyond sweet and savory pretzels and hot dogs, the problem is the bad customer service.

Don't Eat In These 16 Fast Food Restaurants Any More & Here Is Why_31

1. McDonald's

Consumer Reports' Grade: 73/100
McDonald’s sells nearly 1,500 burgers every minute in America. However, it is the quality but not quantity that matters. The Consumer Reports' readers still rate its food quality and freshness as one of the worst.


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