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A Peek Inside Obama's $8.1 Million Home Before It's Banned

Barack Obama purchased their rental house for $8.1 million after leaving The White House . It's a nine-bedroom house, located in the exclusive Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C. . Scroll down for a look inside the luxurious estate, but it probably looks different now after they moved in.

1. The Front Door Of The Obamas' House

2. The Front Hall Of The Obamas' House

3. The Living Room Of The Obamas' House

4. The Butler's Pantry

5. The Kitchen

6. The Stove with Six Burners

7. Their Dining Room

8. The family room

9. A Powder Room

10. The Staircase

11. Here's the den where the Obamas will probably spend most of their time.

12. The backyard in the Obama’s new house. The green lawn provides plenty of room for dogs Bo and Sunny to play.

13. The garage fits two cars, and outdoor parking for 10 vehicles.

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