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Bus Driver Fired After Honest Facebook Post About Student Went Viral

Johnny Cook, a horse trainer and school bus driver in Georgia, was approached by a student with something troubling to say, back in May 2013.


He took to Facebook to write about it:


His post got much attention and was shared all over, going viral.

When the school's director found out about the post, he concluded that the young boy was lying. The following day, he called the kind-hearted bus driver into his office.


He gave Johnny two choices.

Either he recants his earlier Facebook post or gets fired.


He chose to get fired.

"I felt like in my heart the kid was telling me the truth. Whether he was, whether he wasn't, I believe him. "So I was not going to recant the story," Johnny explained.


Johnny's post garnered much attention from all around the country.

People write to him telling stories about their very similar experiences with schools and their child's lunch.It seems to be a general issue that needs to be discussed. What do you think?