Steve Harvey's New Mansion Cost $15M, Look Inside

The Family Feud host Steve Harvey recently splurged $15 Million on Atlanta's most spectacular gated estate. Let's take a look inside the host tycoon's new home!

1. Harvey's $15M Estate

Steve Harvey's New Mansion Cost $15M, Look Inside_1

Located in a sylvan corner of Atlanta near the Chattahoochee River, this French Provincial-style mansion sits on 17 acres of private and pristine park. Harvey's property comes with unparalleled amenities, even including a high-grade theater and an indoor pool.

2. The Palatial Foyer

Steve Harvey's New Mansion Cost $15M, Look Inside_2

Upon entering, you will be stunned by the ornate foyer: marble floors and grand staircases give it a regal feel, and the chandelier and aureate table bring a sense of luxury.

3. The Expansive Living Room

Steve Harvey's New Mansion Cost $15M, Look Inside_3

Across the hall is the spacious, light-orange living room. With its large and elegant floor-to-ceiling windows, it's hard not to feel like you're in a fairytale castle.

4. The Wooden Kitchen

Steve Harvey's New Mansion Cost $15M, Look Inside_4

The kitchen is simple but far from drab. From the cabinets to the ceiling, the entire room is made of plain wood, and the most brilliant part is that the modern appliances blend perfectly with the logs.

5. The Elegant Dining Room

Steve Harvey's New Mansion Cost $15M, Look Inside_5

The dining room is painted pastel green, and the walls are decorated with light-colored frescoes. It's hard not to spend much time in this room enjoying good food.

6. An Spacious Master Suite

Steve Harvey's New Mansion Cost $15M, Look Inside_6

On the second floor is the spacious master suite, painted in canary yellow. With three walls of floor-to-ceiling windows, you'll never worry about running out of natural light.

7. A Cave-Like Movie Theater

Steve Harvey's New Mansion Cost $15M, Look Inside_7

This movie theater looks very different from others: Steve turned it into a cave movie theater. It must be admitted that the dark atmosphere is well suited to the gothic design.

8. The Entertainment Room

Steve Harvey's New Mansion Cost $15M, Look Inside_8

The entertainment room has a retro feel: a delicately carved wooden bar and vintage high chairs are decorated with medieval chandeliers. You might even feel like you're in some fancy club instead of at home.

9. The Splendid Pool

Steve Harvey's New Mansion Cost $15M, Look Inside_9

Step outside, and you can see a huge resort-style 70,000-gallon infinity-edge swimming pool. Seen from above, it gives the impression that if you fall over the edge, you fall down the rabbit hole.

10. Outdoor Dining Areas

Steve Harvey's New Mansion Cost $15M, Look Inside_10

A circle of comfortable chairs has been set up next to the pool so people can have a sip. In addition, there is a small round table area for the Harveys to have afternoon tea and chat with friends.

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