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Special Occasion Hairstyle Ideas: Waterfall Braid Edition

As we can see, braids never go out of style. And among all those varying types of braids, we are always chasing a fresher and even more delicate one. That’s why we love WATERFALL BRAIDS so much: it’s chic but not cheesy, girly but also romantic. What’s more, unlike a French braid, the half-up style of waterfall braid allows you to leave your hair down. Therefore, you can still show off your long strands with this hairdo meanwhile let it flatter your face shape. Trust us, this waterfall braid would definitely ROCK your day. P.S. If you are interested in DIY these pretty waterfall braids, we’ve prepared a video tutorial for you on the last page.

1. Double Waterfall Braid
If you think the one layer waterfall braid is kind of lonely, just try this simple transformation. Double makes a couple, right?

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