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How This Horse Reacted To His Owner's Coffin Will Bring You To Tears

We all know that animals have feelings, but do you know how powerful their affections for their beloved owners can be? Well, the story below will give you a shocking answer.


1.Wagner Lima and his horse Sereno, were inseparable best friends.

For the 34-year-old cowboy, his horse meant everything to him. In fact, he was like part of the family.


2. However, their time together was sadly cut short due to a traffic accident.

Wagner Lima died on New Year's Day 2017 in a motorcycle accident in Brazil. It was a tragic loss for all those who knew Lima, but even more so for his horse Sereno.


3. Family members had gathered to honor Wagner at his funeral.

There was no doubt that the horse would miss his owner's absence. But the tough part was getting Sereno to face and accept the horrible loss.


4. Time to help Sereno say goodbye to Wagner

On some instinct, the horse knew what was happening and he wanted to say goodbye. So Sereno joined all of the others at the funeral to mourn Wagner.


5. No one expected the horse to react to his owner's coffin.

Sereno marched with the crowd of mourners, but no one had expected to witness the horse's reaction when he got close to Wagner's casket.


6. To everyone's surprise, Sereno sniffed the casket for Wagner's scent.

The horse approached the casket, and smelled some more. And it suddenly dawned on him that his friend was really gone.


7. One of the most heartbreaking scenes anyone had ever seen was about to unfold.

After realizing that he could never see his best friend again, Sereno then stooped forward and placed his head against the coffin and began to whimper.


8. Afterwards, Sereno joined Wagner's friends and family as they escorted the coffin to the cemetery.

On the way there, the horse would whimper and beat his hooves on the ground in mourning.


9. Wando, Wagner's brother, took Sereno in as part of the family.

Fortunately, the sad story has a comforting end. In order to honor his late brother one last time, Wando decided to take the horse in and allowed him to live on his property.