From Syria To Rio: Meet This Olympian Swimmer Who Swam For Hours To Push Sinking Boat Carrying 20 To Safety

Almost every athlete at the 2016 Olympic Games has an amazing backstory, but nobody has a story like Yusra Mardini, who is an athlete competing under the International Committee flag as part of the refugee team.
Many people have their lives thanks to the great effort of Yusra Mardini and her sister one year ago. They were fleeing Syria together with 18 other people when the refugees’ dinghy started sinking during a trip to Greece. The motor of the ship had failed, and nobody was able to swim except the sisters. Their heroic action had prevented the tragedy from happening. The two young ladies leaped out the boat and pushed the boat for three hours in cold water to prevent the boat from capsizing, and finally made it to land. They had saved the lives of 20 people including their own.
She will compete in the women's 100-meter butterfly and freestyle on Saturday and Wednesday.