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Five Brilliant Brain Foods Keep You Staying On The Ball

As we get old, we become aware of the importance of keeping a good shape. As well, we like to keep our brain young. The good news is that brain cells can make new connections throughout life. The food we eat in our 40s and 50s becomes an important way to keep you stay on the ball and reduce the risk of dementia.

1. Fish

It is reviewed that people have more grey matter if put fish on the menu between one and four times a week. Also, a study proves, omega-3 in fish helps increase the fluidity of brain cell membranes and maintain vital connections between brain cells. What's more, fish is a great source of vital nutrients including protein, B vitamins, the trace element, selenium, an amino acid that’s been linked to brain health. ENJOY… Fish can be baked in a pie or fresh in sushi.

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