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Fame And Fortune: Top 10 World’s Highest Paid Actresses 2017

10. Amy Adams - $11.5 Million
The five-time Oscar nominee returns to the ranking as she earns both kudos and cash by balancing award shows and box office hits, such as Arrival.


9. Julia Roberts - $12 Million
Money Monster may not have fared well, but the forthcoming Wonder and earnings from older movies as well as a Lancome endorsement comprise much of her payday.


8. Cate Blanchett - $12 Million
The Australian actress returns to the list thanks to the forthcoming Marvel flick - Thor: Ragnarok. She last made the highest-paid actresses list in 2009.


7. Charlize Theron - $14 Million
Atomic Blonde producer and star Theron likes to balance her work between smaller films and bigger-budget fare like Huntsman: Winter’s War.


6. Emma Watson - $14 Million
A newcomer to the highest-paid ranking, Emma Watson has Beauty and The Beast and the Circle to thank for her appearance on the list.


5. Mila Kunis - $15.5 Million
Following the success of Bad Moms and with a sequel in the works, Mila Kunis is hot property in Hollywood.


4. Melissa McCarthy - $18 Million
Mike and Molly may be off air, but the Ghostbusters star is still pocketing paychecks for movies including the forthcoming Life of the Party. Off screen, she designs her own all-sizes clothing line.


3. Jennifer Lawrence - $24 Million
Even without a Hunger Games movie, Lawrence makes the cut from upfront fees for the upcoming Mother! And Red Sparrow, plus a Dior contract.


2. Jennifer Aniston - $25.5 Million
Former Friends star Jennifer Aniston continues to bank millions thanks to regular roles in movies such as The Yellow Birds, but makes most of her cash through endorsements.


1. Emma Stone - $26 Million
The Oscar winner’s earnings from La La Land, which grossed $445.3 million worldwide on a $30 million production budget, comprise the bulk of her payday.


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