Discontinued: Costco Won't Sell These Items Anymore

Customers often go into a frenzy when word of Costco's popular items' discontinuation breaks. While some departing goods just quietly disappeared from shelves or menus, others triggered online petitions. See what Costco has phased out and why.

1. Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

Discontinued: Costco Won't Sell These Items Anymore_1

Costco swapped its chocolate frozen yogurt for a healthier dessert in 2018. Unsurprisingly, a petition was launched but it only garnered 300 signatures. The retailer is showing no sign of bringing this tasty treat back.

2. Kirkland Turkey Burgers

Discontinued: Costco Won't Sell These Items Anymore_2

These extra-lean turkey burgers were taken off Costco's shelves in 2018. At just 200 calories each, these patties were a popular alternative to beef and were welcomed among customers looking to shed a few pounds. Unfortunately, there is no word on its return.

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3. Polish Dogs

Discontinued: Costco Won't Sell These Items Anymore_3

To make room for healthier choices, Costco removed Polish dogs from its food court menu in 2018. This decision outraged customers so much that they protested on Twitter with the hashtag #SaveThePolishDog. But they didn't succeed, and Polish dogs are gone for good.

4. All American Chocolate Cake

Discontinued: Costco Won't Sell These Items Anymore_4

Back in 2019, Costco abruptly stopped this magnificent four-layer chocolate cake sans explanation. This left customers distraught, and they started a petition on Change.org, which got over 3,000 signatures. Sadly, they failed to bring this glorious cake back.

5. Threatened Seafood

Discontinued: Costco Won't Sell These Items Anymore_5

Costco eliminated wild-caught species "that have been identified at great risk" from its seafood section in 2011. This discontinuation was a result of an eight-month Greenpeace campaign called "Oh-No-Costco" that received over 100,000 signatures. 

Keep going to see what item was removed for containing cancer-causing ingredients!

6. Hand-Dipped Ice Cream Bars

Discontinued: Costco Won't Sell These Items Anymore_6

Do you still remember the delectable ice cream bar dipped in chocolate and drizzled with almonds? It was sold for only $1.5 at Costco but was removed from its food court menu in 2013. It's said that the rising almond and dairy prices were the main cause of its demise.

7. Kirkland American Cheese

Discontinued: Costco Won't Sell These Items Anymore_7

As Millennials are getting older, American cheese is becoming less and less popular. And this may be the primary reason why Costco has discontinued this Kirkland Signature product. Another argument was that the slices weren't individually packed, and that people found it inconvenient.

8. Roundup

Discontinued: Costco Won't Sell These Items Anymore_8

Roundup was a popular weed-killer in American households. In 2019, Costco dropped it from store shelves because of a Change.org petition with over 85,000 signatures that petitioned the company for billions of dollars, claiming the herbicide caused cancer.

You'll never believe what Costco discontinued for the brand was said to use animal labor!

9. Fresh Made Gelato

Discontinued: Costco Won't Sell These Items Anymore_9

Only a few of Costco locations offered gelato in flavors like stracciatella, mixed berry, and pistachio for only $1.50 for a three-scoop cone and $4.99 for a quart to go. In 2015, Costco dropped this nice treat, saying it was just a trial offering and was considered a failure.

10. Kirkland Frozen Four-Cheese Ravioli

Discontinued: Costco Won't Sell These Items Anymore_10

This delectable instant pasta drove people wild when it first appeared at Costco. One food blogger acclaimed that it tasted "just as good as the cheese ravioli in Italian restaurants." Regrettably, the hit ravioli was abandoned for some unknown reason.

11. Chaokoh Coconut Milk

Discontinued: Costco Won't Sell These Items Anymore_11

Costco, along with several other retailers, dropped Chaokoh coconut milk from their shelves after PETA accused the company of using monkey labor to harvest coconuts. Though Chaokoh denied the allegations, the product has been off shelves since September 2020.

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12. Kirkland 5-Pocket Jeans

Discontinued: Costco Won't Sell These Items Anymore_12

A staple to many Costco customers, the Kirkland 5-Pocket jeans were discontinued in 2016, leaving shoppers very displeased. Though they reintroduced the "dad jeans" with "design improvements" shortly thereafter, fans were dissatisfied with the changes.

13. Caged Chicken Eggs

Discontinued: Costco Won't Sell These Items Anymore_13

In 2020, Costco claimed that they'd phase out caged chicken eggs in the name of animal welfare, though it'd take several years to get there. By the end of the 2020 fiscal year, Costco had 93.2% of their eggs in US stores cage-free and 100% in France, Spain, and the UK.

14. Cuddle With Me Dolls

Discontinued: Costco Won't Sell These Items Anymore_14

Costco banished Cuddle With Me dolls in 2009 because customers found them racially offensive. The dolls were of three ethnicities, namely Caucasian, Hispanic, and African American, and it was the African American doll that triggered shoppers' complaints.

15. Kirkland Performance One Golf Balls

Discontinued: Costco Won't Sell These Items Anymore_15

Costco released their Kirkland golf balls in 2016, but they violated several patents owned by the golf company, Titleist. In 2018, the retailer pulled back the original product and relaunched Kirkland Performance One golf balls, which failed to meet the mark and ended up being axed entirely.

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