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8 World's Most Expensive Beers

1. Samuel Adams Utopias 2015 (USA)Price: $200/750 mlAlcohol by volume: 28 %

Utopias is brewed in the traditional way. The final product is mixed with previous years of Utopias – even those of 20 years old!


2. Schorschbock 57 (Germany)Price: $275/330mlAlcohol by volume: 57.5%

It's the strongest beer out there regarding alcohol content.


3. Crown Ambassador Reserve 2014 (Australia)Price: $95/750mlAlcohol by volume: 10.2 %

The beer is in champagne bottles, and each batch is limited to only 8,000 bottles.


4. Carlsberg's Jacobsen Vintage no.1 (Denmark)Price: $400/375 mlAlcohol by volume: 10.5%

Only 600 bottles each year were produced during the three years they brewed this variety, from 2008 to 2010.


5. Shaved Black Truffle Pilsner (USA)Price: $120/650 mlAlcohol by volume: 5%

There was a lottery in place to even get a chance to purchase a bottle.


6. Brewdog's the end of History (Scotland)Price: $765/330 mlAlcohol by volume: 55%

Each year, they produce 12 bottles only, each one with a taxidermied animal around the bottle.


7. Brewdog's Sink the BismarckPrice: $80/375mlAlcohol by volume: 41%

This beer is made with four times the amount of hops than a typical beer.


8. Sapporo's Space Barley (Japan)Price: $110/six packAlcohol by volume: 5.5%

The barley used in the production of this beer was grown on the International Space Station.


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