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6 Stories That The FBI Tried To Cover Up

Was There Someone Else Behind Martin Luther King Jr.'s Assassination?

In 1964, King received a letter from the FBI, along with a cassette recording of King's affairs with women in different hotels. The letter implied that suicide would be a suitable course of action for Dr. King.


If They Would Have Listened

As early as 5-6 years before 9/11, an expert against terrorism in the FBI was continuously warned of an upcoming Al-Qaeda terrorist attack. He was fired in 2001 and later worked as security head at the WTC. Ironically he was on duty and died as the attack happened.


What The Duck?

FBI went on a wild goose chase because 9/11 mastermind claimed that some geese had explosives stuffed up their behinds in Central Park.


They Have Ways of Making You Talk

In 1964, FBI recruited mafia capo Gregory Scarpa to gather information on the murders of 3 civil rights activists by the KKK. He used methods outside of the law and got the location of the bodies by pistol whipping a Klansman and putting a gun in his mouth.


"It's a Wonderful Life."

In the 1940s, FBI regarded the film "It's a Wonderful Life" as communist propaganda because they believed it expressed the meaning of rebellious anti-capitalism.


How Did It Get There?

In 1989, a Michigan farmer found balloons in his field. He found a camera attached to them, which contained images of what appeared to be a mutilated corpse, sparking a yearlong FBI investigation.