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25 Things to Consider Before Dating An Athletic Girl

What kind of girls do you like? Gentle girls, hot girls, able girls or athletic girls? If you are going to pursue an athletic girl, here are 25 tips for your reference.

1.There is always enough time to work out. Maybe she needs a quick run before a date. It means she might be late for a few minutes.


2.She will 'inadvertently' wake you up. 5:30 a.m. is her usual wake up time. It is a way of life.


3.She likes to eat healthy food. Sometimes she may eat too much, but don't try to judge that, because she only eats healthy food.


4.Don't let her win. She wants to win by herself instead of you letting her win.


5.Naps are indispensable. She wakes up early every morning, so she needs those naps. You'd better not try to interrupt it.


6.Challenges are goals to achieve. She will conquer them one by one.


7.Workout clothes are always the first choice. In her opinion, workout clothes can make her feel free and ready to do some running at any time.


8.Sports bras are her favorite. Whether she is in a gym or not, sports bras are her first choice which could be practical.


9.Manners can come and go. Doing exercise can be very manly and may contain some unladylike moves. So what?


10.Massages are always welcomed but rarely returned. Too many exercises mean sore feet, tight legs, and stiff shoulders, so she needs massages all the time. However, don't expect much in return.


11.She goes forward to the beat of her determined drum. She has her pace of life.


12.Her planning skills are on point. She knows how to prepare for her life. She is equipped with the skills.


13.Curfews are still part of her life. She wakes up early in the morning. That means she needs to go to bed early at night.


14.Relaxation is earned. The workout is hard, so she needs enough rests.


15.Her workout partners are her trusted confidants. These friends share her workout life. So you should play nice with them.


16.She does it for herself, not you. Waking up in the morning, doing many exercises, keeping her body shape, all of those are not for you, only for herself.


17.She is proud of her sweat. She loves sweating. Don't ever try to judge it.


18.She values teamwork. She is always on a team, so she knows how important teamwork is.


19.She may look fierce, but she is soft inside. You can try to understand her.


20.Vacations are tiring. Her ideal holidays are full of adventures and activities, so it must be more tiring than real life.


21.Workouts are 'me time'. She enjoys workouts time. If you want to join her, you'd better keep up.


22.She watches and understands sports. Maybe she doesn't play basketball or football, but it doesn't mean she is not into it. So, just invite her to watch games with you.


23.Don't ever judge her gym bag. Maybe the bag smells bad and looks bad, but don't judge it. It is like her partner.


24.Being active is at the top of her to-do-list. Before she is willing to do anything else, workout must be the first thing to do.


25.She's independent. She can spend hours alone at the gym. She enjoys it.


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