21 Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi

Aldi, a German supermarket chain, is attracting more and more customers as it grows rapidly in the United States. Here are some things to buy and avoid at Aldi in the hope that you have a great shopping experience!

1. Buy: Mayonnaise

21 Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi_1

If your family is a big consumer of mayonnaise, you are strongly advised to check out Aldi's Burman's Real Mayonnaise, which is both delicious and cheap, at just $1.89 for an 887 ml jar.

2. Avoid: Cheap Coffee

21 Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi_2

Aldi's coffee is something you should think twice about before heading to the cashier desk. Their cheapest brand, Daily Basics ground coffee, costs just 17 cents an ounce, but the taste can be disappointing. Better to save your money for other ground coffee brands that taste better.

3. Buy: Speciality Cheeses

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Aldi's amazing specialty cheeses simply can't be beaten. For anywhere from $2 to $5, you can taste test some of Reddit's award-winning cheeses, such as the specially selected roasted garlic cheese wedge.

4. Avoid: Olive Oil

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Olive oil isn't exactly a steal at Aldi compared to other supermarkets. The Krazy Coupon Lady revealed that the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil at Walmart costs only $0.17 an ounce while Aldi's brand sells for $0.24 an ounce. Therefore, you should shop around before purchasing.

5. Buy: Frosted Flakes Cereal

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If you think Kellogg's Frosted Flakes cereal is pricey, why not try Aldi's Millville Frosted Flakes? With almost identical ingredients, the prices of the 2 brands couldn't be more different. A 17oz box of Kellogg's costs $4.35, compared with $1.69 for the Aldi brand.

6. Avoid: Chips

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If you are a big fan of chips, try your best to avoid Clancy's chips at Aldi. It's not the price of the chips you need to worry about, but the taste, which will give you chills.

7. Buy: Bread

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When you go to Aldi, cruise by the bread aisle as it offers any kind of bread at the lowest prices around. For just 85 cents, you can get a 20-ounce loaf of Aldi's L 'Oven Fresh white bread, compared with 88 cents for the same size loaf at Walmart.

8. Avoid: Butter

21 Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi_8

Butter is essential to most dishes, and it's important to have it cheap and good. In this case, it's best not to buy butter from Aldi, as it may be cheap, but it may detract from the taste of your dish because of the quality.

9. Buy: Canned Foods

21 Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi_9

Whether you need canned soup, corn, or veggies, Aldi has it all. Aldi's canned food is of good quality and tastes delicious, making it an excellent choice to stock up on.

10. Avoid: Meat

21 Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi_10

From chicken to fish, Aldi's meat is cheap, but you get what you pay for. Consumers have criticized the quality of the meat and suggested going to other chain supermarkets for better-tasting meat at a lower price.

11. Buy: European Sweets

21 Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi_11

If you're looking for European sweets, Aldi has you covered. This German supermarket offers delicious chocolates ranging from truffles to chocolate bars. Its dark chocolate is highly recommended, with a large 4.4-ounce bar costing just $1.99.

12. Avoid: Toilet Paper

21 Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi_12

If you're looking for toilet paper, Aldi may not have the best deal. If you patiently search for discounts or coupons, you can get the same quality toilet paper at a lower price at other supermarkets.

13. Buy: Village Bakery Triple Chocolate Crème Cake

21 Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi_13

If you're a chocolate or cake lover, be sure to try Aldi’s Village Bakery Triple Chocolate Crème Cake. For $3.29, you can immerse yourself in the aroma of chocolate cake all day long.

14. Buy: Milk

21 Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi_14

For dairy products like milk, Aldi remains an ideal destination. There, a gallon of premium milk costs just $2.48, 5 cents less than at Walmart.

15. Avoid: Yogurt

21 Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi_15

Aldi's in-house yogurt brand is something to think carefully about before buying. While the brand offers a variety of flavors, it often receives unsatisfactory reviews. Some customers claim that the taste is too sweet and instead prefer Chobani Greek yogurt.

16. Buy: Gardenline Walk-In Greenhouse

21 Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi_16

Aldi is a paradise for garden lovers because they can find almost everything for a meager price. This Gardenline Walk-In Greenhouse is an Aldi special buy, and at only $34.99, you can take it home without a second thought.

17. Avoid: Dish Soap

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You don't need to buy dish soap at Aldi because you can get it cheaper elsewhere. Aldi's brand sells for $0.08 per ounce, while the top leading brand Dawn at Walmart costs only $0.07 per ounce. Isn't it better to spend less money on a well-known brand?

18. Buy: Blue Bell Ice Cream

21 Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi_18

If you are an ice cream lover, make a beeline for the Blue Bell Ice Cream cabinet at Aldi, which has a wide selection of flavors at great prices! Make sure to try cherry vanilla and peaches, and handmade vanilla.

19. Avoid: Zip Bags

21 Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi_19

Customers should think twice before buying zipper bags from Aldi. The bags break easily and have a plastic smell, making some shoppers worried about putting their food in the bags.

20. Buy: Frozen Fruits

21 Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi_20

While Aldi's fresh fruit gets teased by customers, its frozen fruit is worth getting. For $2-$3, you can buy a big bag of frozen fruit to serve in breakfast bowls or snack smoothies.

21. Avoid: Fresh Produce

21 Best And Worst Bargains At Aldi_21

Aldi's fresh produce scored poorly in a 2015 consumer reports report. It states that you're more likely to find Aldi's fresh fruits and vegetables rotten when you bring them home. So check it out before you buy it.

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