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20 Secretly Revealed Powerful Photos That Will Make You Speechless

Sometimes pictures are better than words for they can tell us more stories than words ever could. These stories could be happy, sad, touching or heartbreaking, but whatever those stories are, they will have some certain influence on us somehow. The following 20 powerful pictures have 20 different stories, and every story is gonna change the way we see the world. Click through to find out more.

1. A 12-year-old boy plays the violin at his teacher's funeral, crying.

At his teacher's funeral, Diego Frazao Torquato plays the violin with tears in his eyes. The teacher used music to help the boy escape poverty and violence.


2. When food was given to homeless men for free.

A group of homeless men waiting for free food outside a mosque in New Delhi, India.


3. Dog-human friendship.

To avoid his dog from drowning in the Filipino Flood Waters, a boy carries his dog on his back.


4. A 13-year-old girl got stuck under debris.

The Columbian girl Omayra Sanchez got stuck under debris following a volcanic eruption in 1985 and was trapped for three days before she died.


5. Two police officers rescued a woman trapped in her BMW before it sunk to the bottom of a lake.

We can see from the picture that this woman was running out of air and terribly freaked out while these two policemen were trying to get her out of the car.


6. An 18-year-old girl without nose and ears.

At just 14, Bibi Aisha was given away to a Taliban fighter. As punishment for trying to escape, her husband cut off her nose and ears. She was eventually rescued by US military.


7. An exhausted surgeon after a 23-hour heart transplant surgery.

The overwrought surgeon takes a breath of relief after a successful 23-hour heart transplant surgery, and his assistant is sleeping in the corner.


8. An 8-year-old Syrian rebel fighter carries his weapons smoking.

Unlike most children who could maintain their innocence for years, this 8-year-old boy has learned how to use an AK-47 and smoke a cigarette long ago. His eyes have seen more than most.


9. A cat audience

A cat sits before the boy listening carefully to his sweet melody.


10. A falling man on 9/11.

This man fell from the World Trade Center on 9/11.


11. A black girl went to high school.

Elizabeth Ann Eckford is seen here verbally attacked by an angry mob on her way to school after Little Rock Central High School was desegregated in 1957.


12. When a boy could hear the sound of the world for the first time.

The young Harold Whittles gave us the priceless expression when his hearing aid was first turned on.


13. A young boy who survived the atomic bomb in Hiroshima but lost his vision.

129,000 people were killed and many others got injured when an atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima in 1945. This young boy was one lucky survivor but unfortunately wasn't able to see any more.


14. A shell-shocked soldier.

This picture was taken in a trench during the Battle of Courcelette in 1916. Shell-shock causes anxiety and panic and can often result in complete loss of control.


15. The Last Jew of Vinnitsa

We can see from the picture that a Jewish man was facing certain execution in 1941 Ukraine. All 28,000 other Jews also got killed.


16. A group of men from Papua was learning how to use a condom.

A group of men from Papua, Indonesia were being taught how to use a condom properly for the first time.


17. A journalist rushed to save a baby.

In 1936, a journalist hurried across a bridge to save a baby during the civil war.


18. A little breadwinner.

A little boy steals bread for his family.


19. A little girl rescued by a firefighter.

A 6-year-old girl was pulled out of flames in an Indiana fire by a firefighter.


20. Love is we can still play together when we are old.

An old couple made faces in front of a camera and had a sweet kiss.