21 Genius Car Hacks Even Veterans Don't Know

I believe you guys all drive very well, but some annoying problems have nothing to do with your driving skills, such as foggy headlights, frosting mirrors, or an unsightly dent. Check out these 21 genius tips, and you will be free from all the problems in no time.

1. Cool Down Your Hot Car Quickly

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Have you ever entered a car in the hot summer, and the air inside was so desperately stifling that you couldn't even breathe? Simply roll down the passenger side window, and open and close the driver's side door quickly and repeatedly. The door can work as a fan to let the stale air out and fresh air in.

2. Fix A Dent With A Plunger And Hot Water

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Have any minor accidents left a dent in your car? Don't worry. You can fix it by yourself quickly. Pour the hot water over the dented area, and then cover it with the plunger and pull! A slight dent will come out soon enough, and even a deep one can become less noticeable.

3. Always Buckle Your Belt In Hot Weather

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Leaving your belt unbuckled will expose it to the burning sunlight in the summer. Then the metal piece can become so hot that it will hurt anyone that touches it. You can prevent the problem by simply buckling your seatbelt after getting out of the car.

4. Clean Headlights With Toothpaste

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You may find your headlights become foggy over time, but you don't have to rush to an auto store for help. Just scrub the lights with toothpaste and a little elbow grease, and they will shine like crystal again! That's because the mild abrasives in toothpaste can easily clean off the enamel.

5. Always Check Your Tires Before Driving

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It's important to check your tires before driving since you may prevent a car theft from happening. Some car thieves would put an empty water bottle on one of the tires on the passenger side, which you won't notice until the car moves. As you get off and check for the weird sound, they might drive off with the car or grab some personal items and run.

6. Use A Rubber Band As A Phone Holder

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Have you ever wanted to look at Google Maps but realized that you didn't have a phone holder? Don't worry. A rubber band can work like one, too. Just loop it through several vents in your center console and around the top and bottom of your phone. It's done! A binder clip can make your DIY gadget even stronger.

7. Put A Ziplock Bag Over The Mirrors

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Cold days can frost up your mirrors, but ziplock bags can rescue you from a helpless situation. BobVilla.com revealed, "Open up a few ziplock bags and slip them over your mirrors. The plastic covering will keep most of the ice and snow from sticking, making those frigid mornings way less frustrating."

8. Use A Tinted Plastic Sheet To Reduce Glare

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We all know the feeling: when the sun is setting, and you're driving west, but you don't have your sunglasses on hand! The tricky sun glares in your face from a place where the visor can't cover. A tinted, plastic sheet can stick to your car window with static, thus making up for the blind spot.

9. Use Coke To Clean Your Wheels

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You have probably heard of nearly a million functions of Coke, but do you know it can also get the road grime and brake dust off your rims quickly. But this time, you can add a bit of dish detergent to it, and it can prevent the sticky buildup from occurring on your wheels.

10. Spray Vinegar On The Windshield

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Have you ever got tired of cleaning the ice on your windshield every winter morning? Well, you can make your own deicing spray with a solution containing three parts vinegar and one part water. Spray the mixture evenly on your car window, and the acid in it can prevent it from freezing.

11. Apply Clear Nail Polish On Window Chips

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A few drops of nail polish can save you much more money than you expect. If your windshield happens to have a crack or a chip, it's possible to crack the glass further, making your everyday driving dangerous. If you don't want to replace it right away, apply multiple drops of clear nail polish in the crack instead to prevent it from spreading.

12. Use Dryer Sheets As Air Freshener

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You don't need to buy the over-the-mirror air fresheners that only last for a couple of days. A box of drying sheets can absorb odors and give off a pleasant but not too strong smell. By the way, the smell can drive insects away.

13. Use A Staple Remover To Open Your Keyring

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Every time you get that new set of keys onto your tight metal keyring, your poor fingers are possibly suffering. However, with a staple remover, you can pull apart the end pieces with ease, and then you can slide the keys right on.

14. Put A Shower Caddy In The Trunk

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It's always better to prepare some emergency supplies for your car beforehand. You can store them neatly in the truck, and then you won't find your oil, funnels, or flashlights rolling all over your vehicle. I'm sure a shower caddy can help you a lot in keeping things neat.

15. Use Pantyhose As A Fan Belt Only In An Emergency

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When your fan belt breaks, you should ensure you have no other choice (like calling a tow) before trying this. However, if you are stuck in a place and can't contact anyone for help, you can tie up a pair of pantyhose as a fan belt and drive to the nearest gas station.

16. Make A DIY Holder

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If you have some extra silicone cupcake wrappers, slip them in your car's cup holders. They are excellent organizers for small items such as change, lip balm, and keys. Moreover, you can remove and clean them conveniently.

17. Use Hand Sanitizer To De-Ice Your Key Holes

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Don't fret when you find the locks on your car door are frozen again on winter days. You can quickly fix it with your hand sanitizer. Pour some into the lock, and the alcohol in it will melt the ice. Then you can turn the lock as usual.

18. Use Carabiner Hooks To Hang Things

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Carabiner Hooks can help you make the best use of the backseat space. Attach them to your headrests, and then you can hang anything like bags, umbrellas, and bottles on them.

19. Park Your Car Facing East To Lessen Frost

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As we know, the sun always rises from the east. Park your car facing east, and the rays will defrost your front windshield before you drive the vehicle to work. In this way, you don't have to wait for the defroster to work every winter morning.

20. Nail Polish Can Fix Little Scratches

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It's hard not to leave any scratch or chip in the paint of your car over years of driving. Though it seems unnecessary to repair it professionally, the minor defects are just unsightly. Why not fix it yourself? As long as you have the nail polish of the same hue, you can cover up the scratches perfectly.

21. Make DIY Car Mats

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A way to keep the car floor clean is to place carpets on it, but that means you need to clean the carpets instead. We recommend you make some custom-cut scraps of old carpet to fit on the floor. Once it becomes dirty, you can just replace them with new ones.

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