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16 Times News Anchors Wanted to Quit Their Job

1. Caught Red-Handed

As a professional on-air news anchor, one should always be prepared while behind the desk. Or you'll end up like this reporter, fired after this incident.


2. No wig, please.

We understand that one would want to look nice and neat on TV, but wearing a wig is definitely a bad choice especially when the wind is so strong. Just look at this reporter's facial expression, he’s like “No… you stupid airplane! You just blew away my cover!”


3. Bug Attack!

Sometimes, an aggressive bug might be very frightening. When Fox 5 news anchor Brad Wills was reporting the weather from the beach, a joyful big bug gave him a huge shock and scare! His facial expression explained everything, right? Actually, if you can hear his voice, he sounds exactly like Hank Hill!


4. Well… we get your point.

When someone is too absorbed in a task, he or she might overlook other important things. ABC’s news anchor Siobhan Riley intends to show the audience the upcoming road construction more vividly by drawing lines on the screen. However, she didn't realize that the routes she drew turned out to be something NSFW. Can you see it?


5. I’m watching you…

It seems that some passersby are interested in appearing on live news. Look at how Wendy Burch from KTLA got creeped on by a curious passerby.


6. Watch out man!

Sports news reporters are a group a people prone to accidental injuries. The NFL news anchor Ian Rapport was hit by a football during his reporting. No job is easy; stay safe out there!


7. Ouch!

News anchor Mike Amor from Sunrise had it worse; he got hit by a rocket-propelled skateboard on air. That must hurt so much! Mike maintained professionalism kept saying “I’m good, I’m good…” after the strike. What a guy.


8. Don’t Kiss Me!

Compared with Wendy Burch, Fox News anchor Mike Tobin was clearly much more experienced. When Tobin was reporting a story of a suspect being seriously charged, two girls tried to kiss him from both sides. He promptly pushed them back. It’s kind of funny how Tobin calmly moved along afterwards. This must be what we call - professionalism.


9. Kind of Cute

In 2013 at Riverfest, Arkansas' largest festival, when KATV anchor Jeannette Reye was reporting, a 15-year-old boy came up and kissed her. Though Reye kept reporting as if nothing had happened, the photographer chased after the young boy and made him apologize.


10. Take a Preemptive Strike

And this news anchor Steve Kuzj from KTLA 5 took action first before a vagrant tried to approach him. At that time in LA, some kind of epidemic measles were attacking several cities. Kuzj was trying to report how local states and authorities were using new methods to urge parents to vaccinate their kids. This scene was so funny that even Jimmy Fallon reported about it on the Tonight Show.


11. A protester?

Other than puckish advances, some guys really wanted to have their voices heard on live broadcast. In 2014, an Obama protester tried to seize the microphone from the CBS news reporter Jay Levine, shouting “Obama is a war criminal.” Clearly, Levine took a swing at the protester after several seconds of struggling.


12. Gee, your hair tastes yummy!

At first sight, we thought this camel wanted to kiss the beautiful reporter, only to soon find out that it just wanted to eat her hair as hay.


13. Life has its ups and downs…

CNN news reporter Mia Bloom’s chair got some up-and-down issue during the live broadcast. This is such a bad bad chair!


14. Dan… why are you showing me this?

Weather forecast reporter Dan Pope from Fox 13 is famous for his body language. When Dan was forecasting the path of Tropical Storm John, he made this awkward body move.


15. Earthquake?? Take cover!!

News anchors are supposed to be calm and collected even if in a state of emergency. BUT, earthquake is far beyond emergency. In Los Angeles, 2014, Meghan and Chris from KTLA found themselves at the center of an earthquake while on air. Safety first, so their reactions are understandable.


16. Love Affair on Air

Sometimes, several simple words would reveal unexpected information. When reporting about an English Olympic athlete’s tiny urn, news anchor Mark asked her co-anchor, “Balinda, I just can’t understand how something so small can be so impressive”. And without thinking, Belinda answered, “Oh, Mark you would know about that.” Something's brewing under the table...


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