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15 Jaw-dropping Wedding Photos That Have Gone Terribly Wrong

Everyone wants their dream wedding to be perfect while not being boring in the traditional way. So people have come up with various creative ideas to celebrate their wedding, though sometimes it didn't quite work out as they expected. These 15 jaw-dropping wedding photos proved that holding a wedding isn't always as easy as people might think. Click through to lighten up your day.

1. Is it too late to plan another wedding?

The moment you realize your wedding party might be a tad too heavy.


2. Stuck in the middle with you.

This guest was just sitting there minding his own business when suddenly he found himself caught in a group hug gone wrong. Er, must avert eyes at all cost.


3. You may kiss the bride.

This pastor is certainly "on board" with the wedding.


4. Less is more.

All eyes are usually on the bride on her wedding day, well not today.


5. I like big butts and I cannot lie.

The bride must have done it on purpose to have a funny wedding picture.


6. Falling for you

Don't get too excited, otherwise, you will fall.


7. They're creepy and they're cooky

These two have been watching over each other since the day they met. Of course, they won't miss the day they got married.


8. Trying to tie the knot at the place where they met.

Who says McDonalds isn't romantic. Let's hope they don't get too excited, they're at a high enough risk of a heart attack as it is.


9. ''Oh Hell No!'

Sometimes it's not a good thing to have a long veil.


10. Be careful with a flower boy at a wedding.

"Hey, look! A fly! Don't worry, I got it."


11. It could have been the perfect proposal.

Except that Grandma managed to express her opinion.


12. My grandfather has a gun

Grandpa I can forgive you about the others, but please don't shoot this one ok.


13. Fried Chicken Release Ceremony

These two newlyweds decided to use two uncooked chickens instead of White Doves for their release ceremonies.


14. Not the cake!

Try and imagine the bride freaking out once she's seen this.


15. Husband is trying to take the preciouses from us, we won't lets him.

This beautiful bride is totally wasted and wants more wine.