15 Funny And Hilarious Selfies Gone Terribly Wrong

It is no surprise that selfie has become a great part of online culture and you can scroll through your SNS sites like Facebook, Instagram to see that. Someone have questioned their dignity while others have just risked their lives in order to take the perfect selfie. We have rounded up 15 hilarious selfies which went so horribly wrong you will want to laugh, cry, face palm all at the same time. Now get ready for some craziness!

1. I'm not sure whether these girls notice that there is a whale towards to them. But this is a perfect picture, and the whale looks awesome.


2. I wonder who would take a selfie in the hospital. Well, the truth is that this guy's boss asked for a proof with his leave application.


3. The best place to take a silly selfie is your classroom, and it is sillier when you leave your laptop for selfie discretion.


4. Wait, is she about to fail down the cliff? Not really, she is just posing for the perfect picture. She is now standing on a rock and in a safe situation.


5. These girls must be world peace award winners since both of them stay happy and calm in a situation like this.


6. This monkey has recently purchased a new phone and now he is sending a perfect selfie to his girlfriend.


7. Sneaking into someone's house and just for a selfie? Why have you to do such a foolish thing?


8. This guy must be out of his mind, or this was the last day for the job.


9. I have never imagined a camel eating a woman. So refrain yourself from taking selfies with camels, they are dangerous and would eat women, men, and kids.


10. You are in this situation when many wild buffalos following you fiercely, and you still have time taking a selfie than rescuing yourself. This guy is still alive.


11. Who even cares about the ticket, I get these every day. Why not take a selfie since this is something more important.


12. Taking a selfie with a lawnmower. It is more important to get likes on Facebook than caring about the biceps and backbone.


13. “I risked my life and camera to take a selfie with a shark and you are being so rude not to even say WOW.”


14. Everything looks fine in this photo, but what the hell she has to take that poor beauty box in her hand?


15. This is a photo that her boyfriend labeled and sent back to her. After this, they broke up and the girl lost 30 pounds.


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