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15 Bizarre Items Found On Earth That Have Yet to Be Explained

Instead of giving us fascinating insights into past civilizations, these 15 artifacts seem to throw us more questions than answers. Click through to find out about the 15 items whose existence still can't be explained.


1. The Voynich Manuscript

The book (believed to be written in Northern Italy in the 1400s) of illustrations and diagrams that no expert has ever been able to decipher.


2. Roman Dodecahedrons

These dodecahedral-shaped hollow items date back to the 2nd or 3rd centuries and have been found throughout Europe. Though some believe they may have been used as dice or surveying instruments, no one has had any idea what these were really used for.


3. The Ubaid Lizardmen

These alien-looking creatures date back around 7000 years and have been found all across Iraq. Each of the figures has a different pose, and historians have absolutely no idea what they represent.


4. The Shroud Of Turin

This mysterious piece of linen, which dates back to about the Middle Ages, was believed to bear the image of Jesus, as the linen may have actually been laid on him when he was buried. But many are skeptical of this conjecture.


5. Sumerian King List

Found in the 20th century, the stone tablet contains information of every king of the Summer empire (Iraq), such as their name, reign, and region. But why is there a mix of mythical and real leaders (even some that reigned for thousands of years)?


6. The London Hammer

Found in the mid-1930s, this hammer dates back over 400 million years, much earlier than when these types of tools were believed to be around.


7. Rat Kings

This gross item is basically a clump of rodents tied together by their tails to symbolize plagues, but it is rare to find a big one as such that features 32 rats.


8. The Codex Gigas

The Devil's Bible, one of the biggest books of all time, is 9 inches thick and weighs 165 lbs. The pages with the colored image of the devil are one of the eeriest pages of a book in history.


9. The Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone

This egg-shaped item, found in 1879, is adorned with a number of strange symbols that no one can explain. It's also still a myth how the small holes in the bottom and top of this egg were created.


10. The Antikythera Mechanism

This item, which dates back to ancient Greece, is believed to be the remnants of the first ever computer. But something with this level of sophistication shouldn't exist in ancient Greece at the time.


11. Dogu

18,000 clay figures of all shapes and sizes, which were 2 and 10 thousand years old, have been found all across Japan. No one knows for sure what they mean but some say they represent misfortune.


12. The Ata Skeleton

Found in Chilean Desert back in 2003, this skeleton has fewer ribs than most humans and a long head. Many people believe it is a premature fetus with some form of dwarfism, though no gene for that was ever found.


13. The Quimbaya Airplanes

These little mini airplanes left by the Quimbaya people are believed to be the proof that the tribe had mastered flight or at least knew of how it could be done.


14. The Mount Owen Moa Claw

This freaky dinosaur hand belongs to a Moa which went extinct in 1500, but it's so well preserved that it seems to have died not very long ago.


15. The Peri Reis Map

In the late 1920s, a group of historians discovered a map written by Peri Reis in 1513. This self-drawn map depicts almost every continent in the world, even Antarctica, which was not believed to have been discovered at the time.