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15 Bizarre Celebrity Hobbies You Would Never Expect

Just like the rest of us, celebrities also have their interests and hobbies, some of which are even too bizarre to believe. Here is a list of 15 most weird hobbies of your favorite celebrities. Get Ready to wow.


1. Paris Hilton - Frog Hunting

Paris Hilton has a hobby that she refers to as frog hunting in which she goes and catches frogs. She puts them in a bucket and watches them until she gets bored and then sets them free so she can catch them again.


2. Johnny Depp - Barbie Doll Collecting

Johnny Depp collects all sorts of Barbie dolls, from Lindsay Lohan doll to the entire cast of High School Musical.


3. Simon Cowell - Tree Climbing

It's reported that Simon Cowell has spoken about how much he enjoys climbing trees. He says he would get away from bullies by climbing trees when he was younger, and it is something he still enjoys.


4. Claudia Schiffer - Bug Collecting

The supermodel and fashion designer Claudia Schiffer has an obsession with bugs, especially spiders. She even used a spider as inspiration for the logo of her clothing line.


5. Taylor Swift - Snow Globes

Taylor Swift has a crazy love for snow globes. She likes to get together with friends and create the snow trinkets in order to give them out as gifts.


6. Neil Patrick Harris - Magic

Neil Patrick Harris is not only an excellent actor but also a talented magician. He is currently President of the Board of Directors at Hollywood's Magic Castle.


7. Mila Kunis - World of Warcraft and Star Trek

Mila Kunis is a gamer who likes Star Trek. She once admitted needing to force herself to stop gaming in order to get anything done.


8. Tom Hanks - Manual Typewriters

Tom Hanks is an avid collector of vintage manual typewriters. He even created a typewriter app to try and recreate the feeling of using a typewriter on your phone.


9. Leonardo Dicaprio - Sci-fi Figurine Collecting

Leonardo DiCaprio is apparently a huge Star Wars fan, and that was brought to the spotlight when he auctioned hundreds of vintage figurines perfectly maintained in their original packaging.


10. Vin Diesel - Dungeons &Dragons

Vin Diesel has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since the 1970s and apparently shows off his love for the game with a tattoo of his character's name "Melkor" on his stomach.


11. Daniel Craig -Halo

The James Bond actor Daniel Craig had such an obsession with playing Halo that it caused problems with his then-girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell.


12. Nicolas Cage - Superman

Nicolas Cage might be the ultimate Superman geek. He not only has a treasure trove of Superman comics and memorabilia, he also named his son Kal - EL, the real name of Superman.


13. David Arquette - Knitting

Best known for his roles in Scream and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he then took a break to pursue a wrestling career. So it's quite hard to believe that he is an avid knitter.


14. Steve Vai - Bee Keeping

Steve Vai probably has one of the strangest hobbies that he likes to spend his free time with bees - he would harvest honey to give to friends or holiday season charities.


15. Susan Sarandon - Ping Pong

Susan Sarandon likes to hit a few balls around in her spare time. She loves it so much that she even opened SPiN, a ping pong social club.