12 Types Of Roommates Everyone Has Once Had. 12 Is Just Crazy!

There is inevitably a period in our life when we must live with others. Sometimes we don't get to choose our roommates, and there's no doubt we've encountered at least one of these characters that will drive us crazy.

1. The hibernator who we never see because he spends all his time in his room.


2. The workaholic who is never home from work before you go to bed.


3. The slob who never cleans up and always leave some dirty dishes in the sink.


4. The neat freak who goes crazy the first time you leave even one dirty dish in the sink.


5. The only child who has serious sharing issues.


6. The partier who is ready to party anytime anywhere in the house.


7. The couch potato who you find is always home watching TV or playing video.


8. The talker who wants to chit-chat all the time.


9. The shower hog who takes long-long-long-time showers every morning and every night.


10. The serial dater whose dating life is even more complicated than TV dramas.


11. The bottomless pit who eats all the food no matter whose it is.


12. The significant other who neither lives with you nor pays rent, but he is just always around.


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