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12 Most Expensive Hotels in Las Vegas

What do you expect in the “City of Sin”, Las Vegas? Maybe gaudy casinos, frenetic nightlife or lavish penthouse suites and villas. Do the most luxurious hotel rooms in Vegas live up to their price tags? You can be the judge.

1. Nobu Villa - Caesars Palace

Price: US$ 35,000 per night. Call 855-855-9205 to book this suite.

This 10,300-square-foot Nobu Villa at Nobu Hotel inside Caesars Palace was designed by David Rockwell. As the only rooftop villa in the hotel, the Nobu Villa’s sky deck offers panoramic Strip views. What’s more, you are entitled to a fancy dining area, a full barbecue pit, and a reclusive Zen Garden with an Italian-made whirlpool. Even Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 47th Birthday Party here.

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