10 Pictures That Show That Pretty Much Everything In Australia Can Kill You

Australia is enormous. There's lots of places to go since it has many attractions and things to experience. However, there are many deadly creepy creatures there which would frighten even the bravest. The thing is that it's not just man vs. nature, it's survival of the fittest, and nature is terrifying. Here are 10 pictures proving that Australia is the craziest place in the world.

1. Snake is hitching a ride on a jet plane.

A 3-meter snake was seen on the wing of a jet plane when it was traveling at an altitude of 30,000 feet. It survived the flight by stowing away inside the warmth of the landing bay.


2. Crocodile battles a shark.

Tourists were left speechless when they saw a crocodile chowing down on a bull shark. It is rare to see a shark, but even rarer to see one fighting a crocodile.


3. Always make a "flush check" before you go.

Predators like to strike when you're at your most vulnerable. The scary truth, is that snakes can find their way into the toilet bowls in Australia. So make sure that you check the toilet before you start taking care of business.


4. Dingo is feasting on a shark.

This wild dingo was spotted eating a shark. It is unknown whether the dingo killed the shark or not. Usually, a shark is not on their menu.


5. A snake in one.

An Eastern Brown Snake, one of the most venomous snakes, was found in a hole on a golf course in Queensland. So make sure to check the hole before reaching in.


6. A snake is fighting a crocodile and finally wins.

This Python is fighting a crocodile and finally kills it after a 5 hour struggle. This feast will keep the snake full for about 3 months.


7. Is this a slippery sneak or slithering snake?

This happened in a charity store in Queensland. The owner suspected that a burglary had taken place, and only found out later that the culprit was a 19-foot Python falling from a broken roof.


8. This mega bat is the size of a toddler!

This giant bat is real and lives in dense forest areas. They sleep during the day, hanging from the trees. They go out to find food at night and return before dawn.


9. Pythons almost eat everything.

Pythons are a normal part of everyday life in Australia. You can find snakes eating bats even in city parks. There are warning signs everywhere warning citizens not to let their pet loose.


10. This poor Joey didn't even stand a chance.

An Australia Ranger was walking in the Nitmiluk National Park, then came upon a Python that had just killed a young Joey and devoured it.


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