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10 Trailer Scenes Make You Can Not Ignore These Powerful Women From "The Huntsman: Winter's War"

Many moviegoers have been attracted to the fantastical trailer of movie Huntsman: Winter's War and can't wait to watch the upcoming debut. The cast for the film features three of the best female actors right now. Their formidable and vicious characters Charlize Theron, Jessica Chastain and Emily Blunt make the movie much darker and mysterious. The following 10 scenes make you can not ignore these powerful women.

1. When Freya, the Ice Queen first appeared, back to you, and with the very first glimpse you know you would adore her.


2. When she was asking"who is the most powerful?" even the flowers got frozen and badger shivered in the cold.


3. When she hold on tightly to a knife that she could literally cut down anybody against her.


4. When the Huntsman killed a straw dummy and Sara the Warrior gave him a smile that said, "You are hot, but I could kill you if I wanted to".


5. When Freya was seen on the back of a polar bear. Deadly polar bears only.


6. When she had completely zero time for romances.


7. When we finally got our first glimpse of the fierce Queen Ravenna.


8. When Charlize returned to her throne and gave you chills: "We have much to do little sister".


9. When Freya said with a chilling: "men have forgotten what it means to be afraid."


10. And Finally, when Ravenna looked like a living nightmare.


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