10 Most Appealing Retirement Places In The World, Ready To Go?

No.10 Chile


A great option for retirees is Chile. Compared to most South American countries Chile is modern and has a fast and well-maintained public transit system, many international-standard shopping malls and other public facilities.

Other great features of Chile are that the water is drinkable and that the internet is both fast and reliable.  All together it means that Chile provides a retirement lifestyle in keeping with your expectations of modern day life. In terms of the natural world, Chile has a diverse geographic landscape that it runs 2650 miles from the north to the south. This special landform has given Chile stunningly varied scenery composed of lakes, mountains, beaches and so on.

No.9 Peru


Peru is a country whose culture really does shine through. If you love to truly immerse yourself in a place and its people then you need look no further than the rich and diverse Peruvian culture. It’s a mix of Andean and Spanish culture, and one where you can still find Andean descendants that live in mountains and survive through subsistence farming. In Peru, the retirement visa is provided to those who have a permanent $1,000 per month income to support themselves. But importantly retirees don't have to pay annual resident taxes.

No.8 Thailand


Many people travel to Thailand and return back again and again. It is generally estimated that the cost of living in Thailand is roughly ⅓ compared to the cost of living in America.

The weather in Thailand is not ideal for everyone due to extreme heat and humidity, but even those who prefer a cooler climate will find December, January and February are exceptionally comfortable. Basking in the sunshine during those months will drain all exhaustion away. Another great thing about Thailand for the retiree is that according to the World Health Organization (short for "WHO"), Thailand’s health care system is listed in the top 50 countries globally.

No.7 Malta


As an ex-colony, Malta takes English as its unofficial language. As a result, most people won’t have any problems in communicating despite the fact that it is a European country. Located in the middle of Mediterranean Sea, this small country warmly welcomes non-Europeans who wish to live or retire on the islands. The local people are kind and quick to offer help and getting around is convenient.

Because of its special location, Malta is considered a melting pot of different cultures. For retiree, the healthcare is crucially important. In Malta, if one applies for the retirement scheme, his/her mandatory insurance will cover local clinics as well as some excellent private hospitals.

No.6 Malaysia


Southeast Asian country Malaysia is a top destination for retirees. As a former British colony, nearly everyone in Malaysian can communicate in simple English. Malaysia also is also home to diverse types of food from all over the world (Malay, Chinese, Indian...) but at a great price. It is estimated that the cost of living in Malaysia is 43% lower than in USA. Renting a one-room bedroom condo in the city center costs you around $550 per month.

Most important of all, Malaysia is one of few countries that welcomes foreign retirees. According to the Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H for short), foreigners who wish to apply this programme and stay in Malaysia long term can get a 10-year social visit pass that is renewable and multi-entry. The requirements are relatively minimal. Applicants aged fifty and above only have to prove his or her liquid assets to be worth of RM350,000($89,723), offshore income of RM10,000($2,564) per month and a fixed deposit account of RM150,000($38,453) after approval. All applicants that meet the requirements will be approved for the pass.

No.5 Panama


Located in central America, Panama is one of the best choices for your retirement. The Panamanian government actively encourages people to retire in Panama and provides lots of generous programs for retirees. For instance, retirees can enjoy 50% off when going to see movies, concerts and theater performances; 25% off when eating in restaurants; 30% off bus, boat and train fares; 50% off for hotel stays from Monday to Thursday and so on.

The only requirement is to have a retiree visa card which proves that one has stable income of $1000 per month to support themselves, a health certificate and a police report to prove where are you from.

No.4 Colombia


Colombia lies so close to the equator that it perfectly balances daylight and darkness each with 12 hours all year round. In recent years it has become one of the must-visit countries in the Americas and as a result more and more people have begun to discover the advantages of retiring in Colombia.

Medellin, a thriving city in Colombia, with its nickname “City of Eternal Flowers”, is a real gem. As Colombia’s second largest city, Medellin enjoys a convenient metro system that connects the north to the south, as well as museums, theaters, restaurants and well as over 30 universities. All together it really makes Medellin a charming metropolis in which to retire.

No.3 Costa Rica


Costa Rica is famed for its hospitals, mild temperature and natural beauty. In Costa Rica, if the retiree can provide evidence of a stable income of $1,000+ per month for three years straight, he/she will be updated to permanent residency which will offer him/her nearly all the rights of a local Costa Rican.

Taxes here are relatively low at around 25% which can also help you save money.

Another outstanding feature in Costa Rica is that the all year-round spring-like weather. 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit no matter morning or night is especially good for the retiree (you don't have to worry what to wear!).

No.2 Nicaragua


Nicaragua lies between three countries: Costa Rica to the south, Honduras and El Salvador to the north, the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east. With its natural geographical advantage, Nicaragua wins many people’s hearts as the ideal destination for retirement.

It is bestowed with amazing beauty as well as a lovely climate that will make you feel at ease. Besides the adorable environment, communication and accommodation are convenient as well. The major language in Nicaragua is Spanish but English is also widely used.

Daily expenses are affordable and living to a comfortable standard only costs $600 per person each month. Low costs are great, but safety is also a thing that matters. According to Bonnie W. Hayman (an American expat) Nicaragua is so safe that there is no problem for a single woman to travel alone by shared taxi or other any means of transport.

No.1 Ecuador


After a 5-hour flight, we come to a world of mystery. Ecuador, a small coastal country in South America, is one of the world’s favorite places to settle in.

The main reason is that in Ecuador, the official currency is US dollar which means that many don’t have the complication of currency conversion and calculating living expenses.

The second reason is that due to its geographic location some regions in Ecuador enjoy a spring-like climate the whole year round. That is to say, neither heating in winter, nor air conditioner in summer is required.

No.1 Ecuador


The third reason lies its convenient and inexpensive transport network. In Ecuador, the cost of bus rides averages at about 1 dollar per hour and taxi fares within towns are always under 6 dollars. Therefore, most expats decide to take public transportation instead of personal vehicles which certainly cuts down majorly on regular day to day expenses.

The fourth reason is the food. In many town and villages, food and vegetables are delivered from the nearby farm directly, fresh and cheap. As a result, an adult need only spend around 1.5 dollars to get a full lunch. Life in Ecuador is a lot slower than in America and countless cities and towns in Ecuador have become havens for foreign expats.

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