10 Genius Hacks To Make Traveling testss

As fun as it is, traveling can be a lot of work. Luckily, there're a bunch of tricks you can do to help make your journey a breeze! Check out these life-changing hacks, especially No.5!

1. Store Breakables In Socks

10 Genius Hacks To Make Traveling testss_1

No need to wrap your breakables in bubble wrap anymore. You can just store them in socks to save space in your luggage!

2. Pack Jewelry In Pillboxes

10 Genius Hacks To Make Traveling testss_2

Accessories are hard to pack because they can easily get tangled up. In this case, try using a pillbox to keep your jewelry organized. You can get one at any dollar store or pharmacy at a very low price!

3. Put Coins In Your Hotel Sink

10 Genius Hacks To Make Traveling testss_3

Sometimes you need to give your clothes a quick wash but there's no washing machine in the hotel room. Try putting a plastic bag over the plughole and weigh it down with coins. It'll create a blockage so you can wash the clothes in the sink.

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