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10 Celebrities With Natural Redheads

1. Julianne Moore-Natural Redhead

Starred in "Crazy stupid love" with red hair, Julianne Moore seems to used to her original hair color even she has been teased when she was a little girl for that. Before accepting it, she had spent all life wishing for different color hair, but now she is back and enjoy her natural color.


2. Emma Stone - natural blonde

Emma Stone seem to much open to her hair color, and dye between red and blond hair to adjust to different roles.


3. Amy Adam - natural blonde

She dyed her blond hair red and never changed it back by holding the view that red hair is what nature intended.


4. Florence Welch - natural brunette

She isn't a natural redhead, but she can't imagine with any other hair color.


5. Jessica Chastain - natural redhead

She thought the natural redhead made her different and didn't like it when she was a little child. The idea changed as she grows old, and now she regards it as a badge of honor.


6. Benedict Cumberbatch - natural redhead

He is a natural auburn man. The role we see in "Sherlock" has dyed his hair to suit better the film.


7. Christina Hendricks - natural blonde

She is naturally blond and tried to dye her hair red when she was at 10. And now, she loves it.


8. Ewan MaGregor - natural redhead

Although naturally with ginger hair, he has sported almost every hair color under the sun.


9. Gillian Anderson - natural blonde

She is natural a blond and changed her hair color between red and brown in "The X-Files."


10. Ed Sheeran - Natural Redhead

The red hair seems to give much grace to the singer Ed Sheeran, even though he had bullied for such things growing up. A ginger kid is easy to be recognized on TV, and it help him stand out on his rise to fame.


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